Hello !
My name is Julien Zmiro.

I design & develop
Web products.

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I like solving any kind of problems related to the way you deliver a product to its users. Unfortunately, it is hard to show the value of a design work on this kind of static mockups.
So I chose to put it into words...

I build

Suitable products.

I do not design products that "even idiots or 5 years old childs could use".
I do not design products that require experts to be used.
I design products suited and optimized for their users.
(and most of the time, they are neither idiots nor experts)

I build

Smart products.

I design products that can be learned by users,
and that can learn from them and their context.
I design products that adapt.

I build

Helpful products.

I design products that allow users to focus on what they love to do,
and that take care of what bothers them.
I design products dedicated to users goals.

I am



09 months

22 days

15 hours 44 min 52 sec old

I like

I say

Design is about how a product will work more than how it will look.

I do




Try to learn things

Hunt zombies
(in Borderlands)

And now ?

Now you can leave my website. Or :
You can find more of my work on my UX design portfolio.
You can learn more on my vision on my journal.
You can also download my resume ( french version ).

And finally, you should definitely send me few words if you think that we might work together.